Message from the Managing Partner

Over the last decade, Africa, and more specifically East Africa, has made its way onto every list for worldwide growth and opportunity.  As such, there has been a tremendous influx of Multinational Corporations, start up enterprises, and investment capital.  Time and time again, these interested parties have cited their difficulty in finding talented professionals that know how to lead and operate in the region as the principal reason for their limited growth and success.

To help solve this problem, we launched Boyden East Africa in 2015, based in the regional hub of Nairobi, Kenya. Kenya’s fast-growing economy is based on a dynamic private sector, a diversified services sector and high education levels.  Kenya’s financial institutions, health care infrastructure and universities are among Africa’s best. 

At Boyden, we pride ourselves in our understanding and knowledge of the local regional markets whilst offering our clients and candidates access to our Global network.  We are a key strategic partner for many companies searching for the best leadership for Africa.  Our top priority is client service delivered by leading search professionals. We are Boyden’s third regional office in Africa and the global community we have built allows all offices to share global perspectives, which can then be combined with our in depth, local knowledge, to enable us to meet your needs better than anyone else.

We appreciate the time you’re taking to learn about our company.  If you are a potential or current client, a search professional looking to make a career change, or a candidate seeking a top-quality opportunity, you will always be better off after giving Boyden a call.

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